Hello Powerful You,

I know i haven’t posted in a couple days I have been busy, but i wanted you guys to read something. This is a speech i wrote last year. I just want all of you to realize how important having a high self-esteem is. Also how important it is to tell someone they are beautiful EVERYDAY.

Body image:

“To all the girls that think you’re ugly because you’re not a size 0, you’re the beautiful one.  Its society who’s ugly”  Today I’m going to be telling you about body image, bulimic, and anorexic and how it effects the way people look at their lives, and why I think it should change!  According to the culture of beauty  9 million people have committed suicide because of people bullying them for the way they look!  You may be thinking that not that many people compared to all the people in this world, or if you’re thinking wow that’s a lot of people! Whichever one you’re thinking it doesn’t matter! I think that whether it’s a lot of people or not this could save millions of people from killing themselves all by people not worrying about the way other look!  “If you’re not perfect you shouldn’t be judging other people, so look in the mirror and make sure you’re perfect before you go and judge other people.”

            First I’m going to be telling you about what bulimic and anorexic disorders are.  According to eating disorders Bulimic is when someone doesn’t like the way they look, as in they think there too big or they eat too much, and they go and make themselves throw up.  When Anorexic disorder is where people also believe they are too big or fat and they don’t eat or they barely eat anything at all.  If you ask me I believe this is wrong, people shouldn’t have to turn to making themselves throw up or making themselves stop eating just to look the way they want to!  But I mean advertisements aren’t helping with this! I’m just going to ask a quick question have any of you ever seen a bigger or fat Barbie, because I know I haven’t!  When parents go and buy their kids a Barbie they don’t realize that a Barbie is skinnier then any actually person could ever be. It influences girls to make them want to look like a Barbie to make them think that they need to be skinny because all they see around then are dolls that are under the average weight that a human could never be! 

            According to Huffington education A 13 year old girl named Erin Gallagher and her older sister who is 15 years old and goes by Shannon Gallagher both committed suicide about a year apart from each other!  The reason they took their own lives was both for the same reason they both were being cyber bullied because of the way they looked! Erin even told the people that were tormenting her or the people that were bullying her just 24 hours before that she was thinking of committing suicide and none of them cared, they didn’t believe her!  The 24 hours pasted and Erin thought to herself what my point in living? The people that have been tormenting me don’t care about me or dont care if I live another day in this world. That Saturday night she was found dead by one of her relatives.  The relative had walked into her room and saw that she hung herself and the relative had no idea why. Later finding out that people had been bullying her because the way she looked!  They found the people or her tormentors and they didn’t believe she actually did, they didn’t realize how much words could hurt a person!  They didn’t realize that mean words stick forever!  According to the New York Times  A year later her older sister Shannon Gallagher also committed suicide because of being bullied by the way she looked yes part of it was because she missed her sister but that made the bullying she was getting even worse that she couldn’t take it anymore and committed suicide that Wednesday night! I hope the teens that were bullying Erin realize that they made 2 beautiful young ladies kill themselves all because they were worried about what they look like!  When they shouldn’t care, it shouldn’t matter your height or your weight doesnt mean anything everyone is beautiful in their own way! When I personal first heard this story I got a little teary because can you imagine what this feels like to the person or even the loved ones.  Can you imagine 9 million other people have a similar tragic story like this one?

            You may now be thinking so what is your point or what can I do too change it!  I’m not asking anyone to stop what they’re doing and go ask everyone if there happy with the way they look because 85% of women and 72% of men are unhappy with the way they look! What I am asking is for every person in this room to stop worrying about what other people look like does it matter to you!  The only person you should be worried about is you!  Other people’s looks should be the least of your worry!  I know my topic wasn’t on bullying and I kind of talked about it a lot but bullying and cyber bullying both lead to my topic because most bullying is said or done because of the way a person looks! I feel this is wrong! I believe that bullying should stop what you look is your choice!

            In conclusion, I hope that all of you are on the same page as me and you believe that the way people look shouldn’t matter to you or anyone else! That’s there opinion and they look as they want!  Just remember that when people say stick and stones can break your bones but words can’t hurt me! That’s not true words can hurt they have hurt me and I’m sure have hurt all of you before and I’m sure that the things people have said will never be forgotten! 
You Are Worth It.

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