Hello Powerful You,

This post is about relationships.
Every relationship has its ups and downs
it is normal but you have to realize when that person actually cares
and when that person is just their to take advantage of you
They have to support you and believe in everything you do
even if it is the littliest thing they have to support you
That person should be independent but still need you
Don’t get in a relationship if you know you are going to break up
get in a relationship because you have intentions of becoming something together
Why date someone if you know some day you will break up?
I don’t see the point in wasting your time on someone who is put there to be permenant
Of course you may get in a relationship and realize it is not for you
or it is not meant to be at that point you have to make the final decision
You need to establish what you want before you start looking for other people
who have the same values.
Also if your in a relationship don’t constantly apologize for things
because at the time it was exactly what they wanted
so let them say what they want and DO NOT let them regret it.
Just let them add up and one day you will realize when there is too many and what is right
Just know that you need someone to need you.


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