Hello Powerful You,

I am going to be writing about rich people today
If you think this pertains to you please don’t read it
and if you do i am sorry if it offends you.
I want everyone who is reading this to know
that you don’t need to worry about those rich snobby
girls or guys who make fun of you or you always
feel like they are getting ahead of you because
listen i felt like that only to realize that the reason
rich people have everything and they are better
than everyone else is because there parents hand everything
to them they don’t do anything themselves
I am not saying this about all people because some are
so nice and sweet and you would never think anything
of it. Of course there are those people out there who are like
this and i want you to know that i am in the lower class my
parents live pay check to pay check but i love to be honest
it shows me that i have to work for everything I have that
if i want something i have to go out and get it. If you get
everything handed to you, you will never be successful.
You have to work to become worthy of success.


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