Hello Powerful You,

Something i don’t really understand is why
people think it is okay to judge someone.
Why does it matter what your sexuality is
whether you like girls, guys or both
it does not impact the lifestyle of others
so why do they make a fuss about it?
I do not think you should be able to
to judge people by what there interested
in. Not even relating to sexuality. Why do
people think it is alright to judge someone
because they have acne or they don’t dress nice.
Maybe there parents can’t afford nice clothes for
them or maybe they are in a situation that they don’t
want to talk about. I have acne and at first it was one of
my biggest insecurities, but now I DO NOT feel the need
to let people judge me because of what they think.
It something i CANNOT change, like painting your
nails a not so pretty color, you can take it off whenever
you want to. Me having acne i CANNOT change that.
I CANNOT just get rid of it. So DO NOT let people judge
you on something you CANNOT change. I do not feel that
it is right for someone to be judged for something that they
can’t get rid of. Life if you are interested in another
sex, good for you. Don’t let society tell you who you can
and can’t fall in love with that’s your choice. So make the
decision on your own. I will probably write about sexuality often
because it is one of my biggest pet peeves that other people don’t
just support everyone.
No i am not a lesbian, but i support them.
No i am not gay, but i support them.
No i am not a transgender, but i support them.
So think before you speak, if it doesn’t impact
your lifestlye dont worry about it.


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