Hello Powerful You,

Someone asked me to post about how
i got through having severe acne.
I was going into my freshman year of high
school and i had horrible acne.
I let it get to me and I let it hurt
I let those people tell me I was ugly
When i then realized that they were
just trying to hurt me and lower my
self esteem. They were bullying me
for something that i could not even change
Then i realized that i need to
be confident i needed to believe in myself
I needed to hang out with people who
believed in me.  Then this blog was made
Because i realized that this is a serious problem
to high school students and i had the power to change
it. I want to change the world and make a
difference. I want people to feel that i have inspired
them to become a better person and i am trying to succeed
doing this and through this blog and you as an individual
looking at my blog is helping my opportunity and
experience so thank you for your continual help
but you have to be confident in yourself and
believe in who you are because remember


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