Hello Powerful You,

Do not ever let someone tell you that they are better than you
 or that they have something that you do not.
Like they have more money or a bigger house than you
because guess what…
they came into this world with nothing and
they will leave this world with nothing.
They are going to die and be in the same place you are.
DO Not focus on the amount of money someone has
or the ability someone has over you.
Focus on your dreams and what you want
Go and achieve everything you want to be and
become the successful person you deserve to be.
If you do not think you are going to become anything then
you will not. You have to want something to achieve it.
You have to find who you truly are and who you truly want to
become and go after that dream. Do not stop until you have
what you want. You cant live life without goals and aspirations
they are the things that will push you farther in life
You need them to keep yourself going.


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