Hello Powerful You,

I know I have not been on in a while i am really
busy. I just wanted everyone to know that I am
committed to you all as individuals and I want you
to know that I love everyone one of you. You
are all BEAUTIFUL people. So i was sitting in
my U.S history class the other day and my teacher
was telling us that its not about being the first person
to do something, or the first person to start doing it
You can out work every person if you stay focused on
what you believe in. You have to believe in yourself.
If you want to be better than someone at a certain sport
or activity then you need to do it longer. You need to
practice longer, and i do not mean that means that because
someone has been in it for 3 years and you have only been
in it once. I mean you need to work harder then you ever
thought possible its all about showing what you can really
do and practice practice practice.
It all about changing our society for the better one
person at a time.


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