Hello Powerful You

Today I am going to be doing something a little different then I usually do, but when I saw this I knew I had to show you.  I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook. All the sudden I see these completely mesmerizing post from Ohio University Delta Gamma’s Facebook page. I could not believe it, this was exacting the type of thing you guys needed it is truly inspiring. I give amazing credit to Kaitlin Hatton. She is majoring in commercial photography and all I have to say is she is going to be very successful, and she does AMAZING WORK. Anyways back to the post I saw. These post were talking about how women are not defined by stereotypes and I think that is a message that all girls need to go by. You are not defined by a label that someone slaps on you. BE YOU. BE YOUR OWN PERSON. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT. So below is the picture that I felt was the most impactful to me, but the other are absolutely stunning. I will post the link below so you check out the page and be inspired.12523099_662470827189012_4407951332847810708_n

This is the link to Ohio University Delta Gamma’s Facebook album of Defying: Stereotypes:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/set=a.662470540522374.1073741831.251684841600948&type=3

All photos taken by: Kaitlin Hatton

Check out Kaitlin’s work: www.kaitlinhattonphotography.com