Hello Powerful You

So a few days ago, I met a person who inspired me so much. I wanted to share this experience with my fellow readers. So I met a friend named Robert, he was so inspirational and had so many passions and goals just like me. He was inspired to change the world in the same ways that I am. He gave me this yellow bracelet that says LIVESTRONG. He had been wearing the exact same bracelets on both wrist for nearly 4 years. He says that he wears them to keep him going everyday and to stay motivated. After meeting him and telling him about my blog and my passion to change the world one girl at a time. We had a connection on a personal level. We connected by having high goals for our self worth and the worth of others. So after a few days of talking to him, I saw him again and he told me that he had a gift for me. Excited but nervous he pulled out a bracelet just like his. When giving it to me he said everytime you look at this, I want you to feel confident and beautiful. I plan to wear this bracelet until the day that it breaks because it has inspired me to be happy and confident about who I am. It inspired me to show others how worthy I am of myself. This bracelet may be a small incentive, but sometimes the small things can be so much bigger. Even if it is something that you have already, or something you put in your pocket. It could be anything, but everyone need that little incentive to keep them going. Whether it be a person, or an object everything can help. So after wearing the bracelet for almost 2 weeks, I have felt better about my self, and stronger in so many ways. After only meeting Robert only a few weeks ago he has impacted my life in so many ways. I feel the power to be who I am all because of something as small as a bracelet that says LIVESTRONG. So find that motivation in anything you can and keep pushing until you achieve the things you want. You are so much bigger than you believe.


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