Hello Powerful You,

October is National Bullying Prevention month and one thing I want to talk about is cyber bullying. I am sure most of you have been bullied in some shape in your life. See the hard thing with bullying is you never know when it is going to happen and it can happen to anyone. I am here today to talk about why this month is so important to me. I think that social media is an amazing thing to be honest. I think it is a great form of communication and advertising. I am able to reach all of you through technology and social media. For that I feel so gifted to have internet and to be able to communicate with all of you.My biggest problem with social media is cyber bullying. See the thing is anyone can do it, and you do not always know who that person is. People are able to hide behind a screen and say whatever they want and most likely not always caught. That is the scary thing. I have a proposal for that though… I think all of you should stand up against cyber bullies show them what the internet is really used for. Show them all the internet can do like this blog I have created or the funny thing you laugh at on twitter or which ever social media site you use. Show them the power of being a nice person. Compliment someone when you like something and be there for people who need you. The internet is such a cool way to communicate with people you have never met do not waste that chance. So what I ask is that everyone support each other online and be there for everyone. Stop Cyber Bullying. Make the internet a place that people are excited to go. Do good for our society.


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