Hello Powerful You

Yesterday, I had the chance to speak in front of some absolutely amazing women. They showed me how truly lucky I am for the life I live. I spoke about the importance of knowing your self worth and always feeling good enough. Today, I wanted to just share some advice I earned from this luncheon I attended. Many women were speaking about us as women is today’s society are unaware of all the thing we can truly do. We as women have advanced so much in last decade, let alone even the last year. I really feel like we need to be aware of thing we can do, not the things we cannot do. We as young women have the power to do anything. I know it is always cheesy when people say you can do anything you put your mind to. Honestly you can! I never thought I would be here, today changing the world. My goals since I was probably in 2nd grade was to make a difference in the world I live in. I set my mind to that goals I created this blog.Today, I have the power to reach so many young women just like you and show them how important is it to chase their dreams and NEVER GIVE UP. I chased my dreams and I am now achieving them. Never feel peer pressured into feeling like you have to do something. You are your own person have the power to be a force for good if you work hard. Barriers will get in the way, and negative things will happen to you. It is about how hard you work during those hard times and what you do to make it out of those negative things. Never give up when it gets hard because you never know how close you truly are to reaching that goal. Be your own person. Be unique. Show the world you are a force for good. Change the world.