Happy International Women’s Day

Hello Powerful You,

Today is one of my favorite days,


Today is a day full of empowerment towards all of the things women have worked hard to achieve. Today, three years ago I had the opportunity to be a mentor with 2 franchise owners of Mcdonald’s, we spoke to underprivileged girls about the importance of women in the workforce. Also today, two years ago I spoke along side the CEO of Nipsco about how we as women need to take on these manly roles like a CEO. Finally today, I get to speak to all of you about what it means to be a women. We as women have worked so hard over the last decades to bring justice to our gender. We have come so far In not only the workforce, but in society as a whole. I wanted my post today to speak to women all over the world about how we must continue working hard to eliminate the gender differences. We have come so far and if we continue working we will only go farther. We must take on more responsibility then ever to help women everywhere succeed. We must work together to keep defining who we. We are women, we can BE ANYTHING and we can DO ANYTHING. Don’t EVER let a man or anyone for that matter tell you that you can’t do something. YOU can do anything you set your mind to. Never stop working hard for what you want. Just because we are women and we have to work a little bit harder than a man does, DOESN’T mean that we should give on our dreams. Nothing that is worth it is easy. So work hard and


Always remember…