Stop being JEALOUS

Hello Powerful You,

I feel like this is something that we are all at fault for…. JEALOUSY.

I have to say even though, I have this blog and I am conisitently empowering and inspiring people. I also find myself with a lot of jealousy. We need to stop showing jealous and step back and see how beautiful everyone truly is.

Jealous is a hard thing to cope with..

Next time you get jealous think of these couple of things,

If you keep comparing yourself to other people you will lose every time. Everyone is different and everyone learns and changes at a different rate. You will never be the same as the person you are comparing yourself to.

The only person you should try being better than is the person you saw yourself as yesterday.

One thing that I think hits me really hard is I am always comparing myself to these people who are on instagram, who I swear have professional photographer that live at their house. The reason I compare myself to them is because they are in their highlight reel, while I am still stuck backstage. Stop comparing yourself to these people just because they have their life together, you will get there and you will flourish to.

Another thing that I think a lot of people forget time and time again is that..

You are amazing and everyone has a rough time. Everyone goes through something that put them lower in life than someone else. I do not care how rich or how famous you are everyone has been through something that made them look lower than someone else. So just because you are at a lower time in your life, doesn’t mean you should be jealous, Because when you get out of that lower state in life you will rise up and be back in your highlight reel.

Stop being jealous, take a step back and realize the amazing life that you have. Everyone has ups and downs, but in the end you need to pick yourself up and show everyone your highlight reel.

Always remember..


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