Finding Yourself

Hello Powerful You,

For the past couple of months, I have been going through a lot of things that I never expected. Over the past year, I had lost myself. I lost who I wanted to be, and what I wanted in life. I asked myself, “Is this what you want?” “Is this really how you want your life to be?” My answer to those questions was no. So I had to make a huge decision. I had to make a lot of changes that would completely change my life, but I knew it was the only way to find myself. I decided that I need to reevaluate my life, I need to take sometime to figure out who I am. The hardest part about finding out who you want to be is letting go and moving on. Sometimes you have to let go of certain things, for better things to come your way. The changes that I have made in the past couple of months have allowed me to be the person I want. The changes I made allowed me to meet new people, and get closer with family and friends. CHANGE IS GOOD. Always remember that, often times people see change as bad. Yes, change is hard, but change is good. A year a go, I would have never imagined my life the way it is now, but…. I AM HAPPY. I have never been more happy with my life, and exactly what is happening. I do not know what is going to happen tomorrow, or what I am going to do. I do know that I am happy and I am living the exact life that I always dreamed of. I have been blessed with so many new opportunities because of the changes I chose to take. New Opportunities come from New Change. So,  stop letting people control you, stop letting people tell you how you need to live your life. Live your life the way you see fit. Not everyone is going to understand, and people will tell you it is a bad idea. Let me tell you… it does not matter what other people say. What matter is that you are living your life exactly the way you want to, and you are happy. CHANGE IS GOOD. Starting over and finding yourself again is GOOD. I know who I am, and I am happy with who I am.

Always Remember…


Stop being JEALOUS

Hello Powerful You,

I feel like this is something that we are all at fault for…. JEALOUSY.

I have to say even though, I have this blog and I am conisitently empowering and inspiring people. I also find myself with a lot of jealousy. We need to stop showing jealous and step back and see how beautiful everyone truly is.

Jealous is a hard thing to cope with..

Next time you get jealous think of these couple of things,

If you keep comparing yourself to other people you will lose every time. Everyone is different and everyone learns and changes at a different rate. You will never be the same as the person you are comparing yourself to.

The only person you should try being better than is the person you saw yourself as yesterday.

One thing that I think hits me really hard is I am always comparing myself to these people who are on instagram, who I swear have professional photographer that live at their house. The reason I compare myself to them is because they are in their highlight reel, while I am still stuck backstage. Stop comparing yourself to these people just because they have their life together, you will get there and you will flourish to.

Another thing that I think a lot of people forget time and time again is that..

You are amazing and everyone has a rough time. Everyone goes through something that put them lower in life than someone else. I do not care how rich or how famous you are everyone has been through something that made them look lower than someone else. So just because you are at a lower time in your life, doesn’t mean you should be jealous, Because when you get out of that lower state in life you will rise up and be back in your highlight reel.

Stop being jealous, take a step back and realize the amazing life that you have. Everyone has ups and downs, but in the end you need to pick yourself up and show everyone your highlight reel.

Always remember..


Happy International Women’s Day

Hello Powerful You,

Today is one of my favorite days,


Today is a day full of empowerment towards all of the things women have worked hard to achieve. Today, three years ago I had the opportunity to be a mentor with 2 franchise owners of Mcdonald’s, we spoke to underprivileged girls about the importance of women in the workforce. Also today, two years ago I spoke along side the CEO of Nipsco about how we as women need to take on these manly roles like a CEO. Finally today, I get to speak to all of you about what it means to be a women. We as women have worked so hard over the last decades to bring justice to our gender. We have come so far In not only the workforce, but in society as a whole. I wanted my post today to speak to women all over the world about how we must continue working hard to eliminate the gender differences. We have come so far and if we continue working we will only go farther. We must take on more responsibility then ever to help women everywhere succeed. We must work together to keep defining who we. We are women, we can BE ANYTHING and we can DO ANYTHING. Don’t EVER let a man or anyone for that matter tell you that you can’t do something. YOU can do anything you set your mind to. Never stop working hard for what you want. Just because we are women and we have to work a little bit harder than a man does, DOESN’T mean that we should give on our dreams. Nothing that is worth it is easy. So work hard and


Always remember…


Today is the Day

Today is the day final 2:19:18Hello Powerful You,

I know often times when it comes to dreams and goals, you always want to wait for the right time. Let me tell you from personal experiences there is never a perfect time. There is never going to be a day when someone or something comes to you and says today is the day to follow your dreams. (I know I wish this would happen though) Sorry but, that will never happen, because you have to go out and work hard to achieve your goals. Nothing comes easy, you always have to work, work, and work to achieve that dream. DO NOT STOP working hard until you achieve that dream either. Once you get to that goal, find a new goal and never stop working for that. There should never be a day when you aren’t working hard for something you want. Everyday is a new day, and everyday is a day for a new goal.

So, I am writing this post to tell you that TODAY IS THE DAY. Today is the day to go out and start working hard for what you want. Today is a new day, and nothing is stopping you from going out and working hard for something you want. Do not get discouraged either, I know sometimes it can be frustrating. I know sometimes it is hard when you don’t see results right away. Do not give up though because you never know how close you are. Keep working for that goal. The results will come. JUST. KEEP. WORKING.

While you are working toward those goals never forget



I’m Back

Hello Powerful you,

I know it has been a little while since I posted on here. For the past year, I was really discouraged and I really felt like I wasn’t changing the world like I wanted to. For the past year, I have been evaluating myself and how to make everything better. I am back and I am ready to be here with you guys. I want to change the world one girl at a time and I am going to do just that. I am going to start making more youtube videos and blog posts. I want to be a force for good and be able to show you guys the importance of staying motivated. The last time I posted on here, I had 100 days of high school left. I am now graduated and on to college. Starting college was very difficult and there were many bumps in the road, but I did let that effect my overall goal. Which is to be successful. Being successful has always been my main goal in life, and I am working hard to get that. Over the course of the past year I have learned many new lesson that I wanted to share with you guys.

  • Lesson 1: You get what you work for, not what you wish for.
    • For the past year, I just kept wishing that more people would see my blog or that I would change the world. I realized that I needed to stop wish and start doing. The only way to accomplish your goals is to go out and work hard to get them.
  • Lesson 2: Life is tough, but so are you.
    • This lesson became very important to me at the beginning of college. I was getting very down on myself about everything that was going on around me. In that time I realized how hard life can truly be. Now, looking back I realize that it was a tough situation, but I was tougher. I learned that no matter how hard life gets I can always come back because I am stronger and I am bigger.
  • Lesson 3: Prove Everyone Wrong
    • This is my biggest lesson learned thus far in life. I learned that no matter how many people tell me I can’t, I know I can. I have had a lot of people who told me I couldn’t do something or I would never make it. That did not stop me from doing what I love and working hard for my goals. I learned that you have to keep working for those goals until you can tell those people that said you couldn’t, I DID IT! Never stop working for your goals even if you are standing alone.
  • Lesson 4: Take EVERY opportunity
    • This has always been my motto, since the beginning of high school. I love to try new things and be in new situations. I learned that no matter what comes my way, to always take it with an open mind. I have been given so many opportunities in life and that has really shaped who I am today. Take the opportunities you are given, because you never know what could come out of it.

Those are just a few of the big lesson that have changed my life over the past year. I promise I am back and ready to change the world.

Don’t forget…


Hello Powerful You,

My High School career is ending in just under 100 days and it is so bittersweet to think that I have spent the last 4 years in the same places surrounded by the same people. I still remember the first day of my freshman year when they said “Now the next four years are going to fly by.” Of course I did not believe them now I had really long days and some really hard days, but high school has flown right before my eyes. I cannot believe it is ending so soon and so many new doors are opening as high school starts to end. I am excited to be going to college and having the opportunity to pursue a higher education, but I am going to miss high school and all the truly amazing memories I have in that one place. One thing I wanted to say is that change is good and I am so excited for the day when I get to walk across the stage and become a new person. I wanted to tell all of my fellow readers to cherish the memories you have in high school and do as many things as you can. If your friends tell you they want to hang out then go do something with them do not sit around at home. You can sit around at home when you are married and have kids. Go out and have fun live the life you were meant to live. Prove to the world just how amazing you really are and then when high school is over it will be bittersweet but you will not have any regret of things you wish you did. Just make sure you have fun, high school is such a fun 4 years of your life but high school is also exactly what you make it. So take the time you have left in high school and make it exactly what you want it to be. Have fun and do everything you have always wanted, it is your life to live.


Hello Powerful You

Yesterday, I had the chance to speak in front of some absolutely amazing women. They showed me how truly lucky I am for the life I live. I spoke about the importance of knowing your self worth and always feeling good enough. Today, I wanted to just share some advice I earned from this luncheon I attended. Many women were speaking about us as women is today’s society are unaware of all the thing we can truly do. We as women have advanced so much in last decade, let alone even the last year. I really feel like we need to be aware of thing we can do, not the things we cannot do. We as young women have the power to do anything. I know it is always cheesy when people say you can do anything you put your mind to. Honestly you can! I never thought I would be here, today changing the world. My goals since I was probably in 2nd grade was to make a difference in the world I live in. I set my mind to that goals I created this blog.Today, I have the power to reach so many young women just like you and show them how important is it to chase their dreams and NEVER GIVE UP. I chased my dreams and I am now achieving them. Never feel peer pressured into feeling like you have to do something. You are your own person have the power to be a force for good if you work hard. Barriers will get in the way, and negative things will happen to you. It is about how hard you work during those hard times and what you do to make it out of those negative things. Never give up when it gets hard because you never know how close you truly are to reaching that goal. Be your own person. Be unique. Show the world you are a force for good. Change the world.


Hello Powerful You,

October is National Bullying Prevention month and one thing I want to talk about is cyber bullying. I am sure most of you have been bullied in some shape in your life. See the hard thing with bullying is you never know when it is going to happen and it can happen to anyone. I am here today to talk about why this month is so important to me. I think that social media is an amazing thing to be honest. I think it is a great form of communication and advertising. I am able to reach all of you through technology and social media. For that I feel so gifted to have internet and to be able to communicate with all of you.My biggest problem with social media is cyber bullying. See the thing is anyone can do it, and you do not always know who that person is. People are able to hide behind a screen and say whatever they want and most likely not always caught. That is the scary thing. I have a proposal for that though… I think all of you should stand up against cyber bullies show them what the internet is really used for. Show them all the internet can do like this blog I have created or the funny thing you laugh at on twitter or which ever social media site you use. Show them the power of being a nice person. Compliment someone when you like something and be there for people who need you. The internet is such a cool way to communicate with people you have never met do not waste that chance. So what I ask is that everyone support each other online and be there for everyone. Stop Cyber Bullying. Make the internet a place that people are excited to go. Do good for our society.


Hello Powerful You, Today I want to talk about something I feel like I say a lot but is very important. Support system. You need a support system. My support system is my amazing boyfriend Chris who unwillingly will do anything in his power for me. He supports me even when I don’t think I need anything. Having a support system isn’t just about having someone it’s about bouncing ideas off of that person and using that person to be your motivation and inspiration. Someone who you can count on no matter what and is always encouraging you to do your best in life. It could be anyone in your life a best friend, your mom/dad, significant other. Mine just happens to be my boyfriend, Chris. He is always there when I need him and support me through everything. Not only do you need a support system but you need confidence. I am here to encourage you to do anything you want because that is what you are capable of. You need to focus on being confident. I have to say that because of my support system, my boyfriend I am able to feel confident about everything. Not only is a support system there to make you feel confident they are just someone for you to rely on when you need a little push through the day. If you feel like you don’t have a support system because you are in a hard time in your life that is what I am here for. I am here to support you and motivate you to be anything you want to be.